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Welcome to my personal web zone! I don’t really know what to put here yet, so for now I’m just gonna use this site for miscellaneous pages and toys. Some of it is also randomly going to be in German.

About me

My name is Charlotte Eiffel Lilith Buff, but you can call me Lotte. I’m a 24‑year‐old transfem enby from Germany (ugh) and also a frog. Read all about my pronouns here. I suppose I could be described as a programmer, but I don’t do a lot of programming nowadays because of brain reasons. I would like to, though.

Actually, I’d describe myself as a vexillologist first and foremost. I love flags – I would die for them. My favourite national flag is Nepal’s because it isn’t a rectangle.

My other interests include but are not limited to: The Unicode Standard, small metal objects, cartography, the Japanese language, anime (shocking, I know), science fiction, voice actors, particle physics, colourful socks, astronomy, cladistics, deep‐sea invertebrates, video games (I play like three of them), railway infrastructure, and obscure synth music for some reason.

Writing this “about me” shit is actually really hard. Erm, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. My favourite colour is yellow. I drink tea, preferably fennel. I like photographing clouds. Sometimes I write stories and such. I’m pansexual.

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